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Capital:                               Skopje

Population:                         2 071 210

GNP:                                   + 3,7% (2005)

Official Language:             Macedonian

The Republic of Macedonia ( for United Nations accepted as The former  Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – abbreviated FYROM) is a state situated  on Balkan Peninsula.

The name as well as the state symbols are continuing to ancient historical Macedonia.

This fact does not like to Greece, where it is placed most part of this area.


The Republic of Macedonia is a Parliament democracy. Its government is doing  its  best

in order to enter into NATO and European Union . The Republic of Macedonia  is fighting-from the date of its independence – against  sharp disagreement  of Greece - towards official name and symbols of independent state , which Greece is considerating for a stolen historical part of Macedonia ( situated today partially in Greece).


Most of territory of Macedonia  is formed with  high placed table-land  (600-900m) cut by numerous massifs of mountains. The country is divided for two unequal parts  by  profound valley of the river Vardar running to the Eagean Sea,. The western part  is fulfilled with mountain-range and basin of Dinar system.


The unique natural area represent big lakes (near to the border with Albania and Greece) – those of  Ohrid and Prespan, containing remarkable clean water. The mountains  are rugged, up to 2550 m high, on the East – along the borders with Bulgaria- belong to the Trakian system Regarding  the climate and flora – there are mixing the continental and mediterranian elements – the altitude plays a big role. 37% of the total surface of the territory are covering leafy and mixed woods , in the mountains there are coniferous trees.


The medical care – for the purpose of first aid – should be offered free of charge. This fact follows from the Agreement  of Social Assurance , published in Law Act No. 3/1958 and from the Public Agreement  in execution ( Art. 5 and 6).

The level of medical service depends on the category  of the concrete office. We recommend you to conclude the commercial health insurance before travelling.


Macedonia has a road nest  long  9 264 kms. From the total number of  roads  there are

909 kms  of international, 2 916 kms regional and 5 439 kms local roads. 5 197 kms of Macedonian roads are covered with asphalt or concrete and are well  maintained.

The highway sections  are to be paid for.  These are the roads E 75 (111 kms) and

E 65 ( 34 kms).


In Macedonia there are acting 3 private TV broadcastings, 2 Press Agencies and several radio stations and newspapers.


North Macedonia


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