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Japan is situated at eastern edge of Asian continent. Japan is an insular state in East Asia. In west, the country is divided from Corean coast with Corean Straits, whereas Japan Sea divides the country from North Corea and Russia. Japanese islands of Ryukyu are bordered with East-China Sea from the east, reaching up to Tchai-wan. The country is formed with island chains in west part of Pacific Ocean. The biggest islands are (from north to the south) as follows:

- Hokkaido

- Honshu

- Shikoku 

- Kyushyu

To these islands belongs also a group of smaller islands, in direst proximity, such as Okinawa, for instance.

Total length of coasts of all islands makes 33 889 kms. Japan is a mountaneous country and covered with forests from bigger part. The people are concentrated predominantly into coastal areas. The density of population is very high, Japan is, as far as the population density is concerned, on the 30th place of the world.


Official name:                         Japan

Capital:                                    Tokyo

Extent:                                      377 880 square kilometres

Population number:              157,67 millions of people ( confirmed estimation 2000)

Official language:                   Japanese language

State organization:                Empire

Main religion:                         Shintoism and Buddhism (mostly), Christians (1,8 mil.)

Time:                                       Central European Time + 8 hours




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