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Places of interest

Japan: Tokyo And Its Lifestyle
Published: 15.8.2012
Tokio. City where are living side by side school children in the old-fashioned uniforms, fashion ladies, who spend the morning by shopping in stores, in the parks and all sorts of corners of the city slacking youth skaters with coloured hair, girls with false eyelashes and twenty centimetres high heels, the dogs wears in mini kimons and of course ubiquitous businessmen.

Do You Know That? New Year's Eve In Japan
Published: 1.1.2012
It is the first day of the New Year, most of us are still sleeping late night fun, violate the first resolution, and to obligate the stove heats soup or traditional New Year's lens. But how people celebrate New Year at the other end of the world?

Do you know that? The Oldest State And Oldest Town Of The World
Published: 6.3.2011
When you mention the oldest civilization, even non-expert would know an approximate reply, but when somebody would ask you, which would be the most ancient state from contemporaneous ones? Which territory or town was colonized in history as the first one? So, let´s try to give an answer for such questions in the following article.

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