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The citizens from abroad can travel to Japan with their valid passport. The validity term is not stipulated, but it could be at least two months longer as permitted stay in the country. Driving licence of foreign country is not accepeted by Japanese Authorities. The passenger would possess international or Japanese driving licence. The international vaccination certificate is not required and it is not necessary. It depends on traveller´s decision, if this would be available.

The holders of valid passport could stay in Japanese territory without having an entry visa for 90 days. Anyway, this fact is not valid for those persons who travel to Japan in order to get the employment or permanent stay there, or participation at public cultural and sporting events for payment, or for a purpose of stay, longer than 90 days.

Before the entry to Japanese territory, each visitor is obliged to undergone bio-metric data. The visitor is asked for presenting forefinger-prints of both hands, and digital photo of passenger´s face is effected. All obtained data are compared with data-survey of undesirable persons in Japan. Nevertheless, the passenger who refuses to get his bio-metric data, will not be permitted to enter Japanese territory, and he will be returned (at his own expenses) to the country, from there he arrived.

Just on the board of the plane, it is necessary to fill in the immigration questionnaire, presented by plane staff. One part would be inserted into passport, whereas the second one remains in possession of the Immigration Office. This questionnaire serves as border way-bill, without photo. As far as the announcing duty at short term stays is concerned, (up to 90 days) is not  stipulated.

Anyway, the investors and managers are a special category of passengers. They receive, after fulfilling respective requirements, regarding a stay for the period of six months, one year or three years. This application is presented in advance at Japanese Embassy abroad, and must be added with couple of documents, regarding personality of the applicant, guarantee of his stay (accommodation), the information about a company, where the applicant will be working (or representing), including detailed enterpreneurs plans and intentions. The execution of such application takes for 2-3 months.

On this occasion, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that the respective Japan immigration prescriptions acknowledge to all immigration officers many authorizations at judging and decision about applications regarding short term or long term stays, enabling to require from the applicant additional written documents or guarantees. All information mentioned above could be taken for basic (essential) ones, taking into account that it would be necessary to consult, in any individual case, with Section Office of Japanese Embassy, or directly on spot of long term/permanent  place of the applicant.

Before the entry to the territory of Japan, the tourist must be ready and prepared to a talk with a clerk (civil servant) of Immigration Police. The passenger is obliged to present the purpose of his visit, i.e. he would perfectly specify his programme for all days of his stay in the country. Except valid passport, he has to present, return air-ticket, sufficient quantity of his financial means, in cash or in cheques, and details regarding the accommodation. Instead such document, he could inform accommodation address, including name of a guest-person (this fact could be subsequently checked by police authorities).

During a talk, the Japanese police is expecting  trustworthy replies, and any information concealment could be a reason for arrest and following deportation of the passenger back to his country. We wish to stress that Japanese police as well as the Immigration Control is absolutely out-and-out and inflexible.

Warning: Illegal work is punished in very severe way in Japan. So, when the Immigration Police will be suspicious in this respect that a passenger´s target would not be tourist activity, but illegal employment or any other criminal activity, this person does not obtain a permission to enter the country. The passenger is forced to wait for the next return flight to his native country , and provided there is no free place in the plane, he would be forced to overnight in airport hotel, and all expenses, including police guard, must be paid by himselves.    




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