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General Information

Official name:                 The Kingdom of Kampuchea

Capital:                            Phnompenh

Extent:                             181 035 square kilometres

Population number:     13,3 millions

Population density:      62,6 persons per 1 square kilometer

Official language:          Khmere language. In official communication, you can

speak with authorities English or also partially French

State organization:       Kingdom

Main religion:                Theravad Buddhism (95%)

Time:                               Central European Time + 6 hours

The highest point:        Fako Mountain (4095 m)



Cambodia is placed in South-East Asia, neighbouring with three states: Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. South-west part of the country is washed up with Thai Bay. Kampuchea is divided into 21 provinces and four towns.


To main dominantes belong: Great Lake (Tonle Sap) and Mekong-river. You can find there three mountaneous areas: in south-west (Elephant and Cardamom Mountains), along north border with Thailand (Danghrek Mountain Range), and in north-east corner of the country (East Mountains). Tonle Sap is mounting, with its 100 kms long cannal, into Mekong-river (close to Phnompenh). Regarding national parks. these are, as follows: Virachey, Kirikim, Ream and Bokor.

Cambodia is a home of many big animals, such as: tigers, leopards, bears, elephants, wild cows, etc. Moreover, you can meet there numerous quantity of birds´sorts, such as cormorants, cranes, kingfishers, pelicans. etc.


In Kampuchea, the climate is strongly influenced with two monsoons. It is cold and dry monsoon, appearing since October till May, bringing a little of rains only. The second one, south-west monsoon, is characteristic with strong wind and heavy rains. The temperatures are the highest during April, reaching even 35° C.


From total population, the women form approx. 54%. It is a consequence of civil war in past. The ethnic Khmeres form 96% of total population. As most important minority, these are ethnical Chinese. They became very powerful economic force, thanks to immense investitions in the country. Various Cambodian ethno-lingvistic minorities are living in the mountains, altogether 6000-7000 persons. To most important groups belong the Kreungs and Phongols.




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