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Travelling to the Kasakhstan, you need valid passport, the time validity of which must exceed six months at least, after you leave the country.

Provided you travel by motor vehicle, your driving licence, as well as vehicle technical certification are required. In case that other person is an owner of the vehicle as car-owner, you need to have the authorization, legalized by notary, including official translation. When travelling to the Kasakhstan, you need to have available security police for such vehicle, valid for the territory of Kasakhstan. Provided the vehicle is not secured, the car owner could expect hard penalty from the part of respective police authorities of the Republic of Kasakhstan. Entering the Republic of Kasakhstan, you need the entry visa. 

According to the information of the Republic of Kasakhstan Embassy, the following visas are being issued:

1. entrepreneur (business) visa: it is issued on base of invitation of legal corporate body,     registered in Kasakhstan. The respective invitation must be registered by Consular Section of Kasakhian Foreign Ministry (Astana, Almaty), and  the registration number of Kasakhian Foreign Ministry must be stamped there.

2. entry visa for purpose of private journey: it is issued on base of original invitation, made by private person (in the form of migration police of Kasakhstan Home Office). The visa is issued for one journey only, with maximal stay length up to 30 days.

3. tourist visa: it is issued on base of confirmation that tourist trip, from tourist agency (having the licence for tourist activities and services for tourists´ from abroad, on Kasakhian territory) . The confirmation must be registered by Consular Section of Kasakhian Foreign Ministry (Astana, Almaty). The visa is being issued for one trip or two journeys only, with maximal stay length up to 30 days.

4. transit visa: it is issued on base of entry visa of target country (state) or invitation from     there, or train ticket. This visa could be issued as one entry, for time period of 30 days, with a right of stay for five days.


The essentials for visa application are the following:

- visa questionnaire, invitation, passport, one photo, recommended health security police. In case of stay, longer than three months, the HIV health tests are required.

The visa application is executed within three working days. Under certain conditions, the visa could be executed in express way.

Provided the applicant would be represented by another person, he needs the authorization, in connection with the respective visa application.

When entering the Kasakhstan territory, each foreign citizen, older that 16 years of age, is obliged to fill in so called migration card, which will be left in moment of departure from Kasakhstan. This card (document) serves as a registration in case of stay up to 90 days. Provided you need to prolong your stay for more than 90 days, you need to be registered at OVIR, in five days before visa expiration.

Anyway, we wish to recommend you to check, before you leave, at Kasakhian Embassy abroad, if the conditions for travelling to the country did not changed in the meantime.





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