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The foreigner, who arrives to such countries, is forced to calculate with a fact that he will become an object of possible easy source of money, especially for local officials. However, they often require even  absurd administrative operations and, in case, if the foreigner does not have available the necessary documents, or is unable to fulfill it (often from comprehensible  reasons), so, the officials start to enforce some sorts of penalty or hush-money.

In any case, it is no referred state politics. It is always the activity of individuals. On the other hand, such activities are to be found at each state officials, at any management stage in whatever branch (section). So, the tourists or business representatives could feel this fact mostly during customs and passport checking procedures or at OVIR registration.

In this connection, we wish to recommend you to have only inevitable sum of money available. If the customs officer ascertains (in a moment of country leaving) from customs declaration, that a foreigner exports big number of USD banconotes (i.e. more than USD 1000,- and more) so, whatever pretence would be found that the foreigner would be obliged to pay a „penalty“ (or „hush-money“) in order to be able to leave the country.

So, we wish to recommend you to fulfill carefully and honestly the respective customs declaration. When you do not mention the goods, but especially sum of money in customs declaration, and the following checking random control finds it, you can be put into prison. Provided the foreigner has the intention to stay in Kyrgystan for more than three months, it is necessary to undergone HIV (AIDS) tests.


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