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Travelling to Leban, you need a passport, the validity of which must exceed your planned stay length there. When you  travel to the country by car, the international driving licence is required.

Nevertheless, we wish to recommend you, to check, before you leave, at Leban Embassy, the actual situation for travelling, whether the conditions did not changed in the meantime.

To enter Leban, you are obliged to have the entry visa. The visa is granted at Leban Embassy, and you would ask for this in advance. Nevertheless, the permit for entrance to the country (it is not a visa, in best sense of the term) for short-term stay of tourist character, it is possible, since 1st June 2006, to get this on Leban cross border points and at Beirut International Airport. This one-side arrangement (from part of Leban Authorities) is concerning all states of European Union. Anyway, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that despite this, no problems with granting of such permits were not noted, there is no claim for this issue (it is the same, as in case of visa application). Leban Authorities check, in such case, whether the accommodation in the country (in hotel) is reserved.

Regarding long stay or working (job) visa: you are obliged always to ask for entry visa by means of Leban Embassy or Leban Consolate abroad.

The travel document cannot contain the stamp of Israeli border authorities or stamps from Jordan/Israeli or Egypt/Israeli cross border points. For other detailed information, would you contact Leban Embassy.

The aanounce duty is not stipulated in case of short term stays in the country.

Very useful information in English, French or Arab languages is available on web-sites of Leban Surete Generale (www.surete-generale.gov.lb), section „Visas“.





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