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Masaryk circle - Ríša well - Rakovec

In-line Locality

Masaryk circle - Ríša well - Rakovec
Locality type: In-line Locality
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Masarykův okruh - Ríšova studánka - Rakovec (Brno)

A forest path in so called Podkomorské forests is situated in western edge of Brno. It leads from Masaryk-Circle (Automotodrom) across Ríša-well to Rakovec near to Brno-Dam. The section from Automotodrom to Ríša-well is  3,5 kms long and is formed with several descents as well as mountings. From Ríša-well to Rakovec, the descent is 3 kms long.This route can be recommended to those skaters who perfectly know the braking technique. The path-surface is valued with a mark 2, i.e. it is of rather good quality. Whole path leads through forest and it is excellently protected from sunshine However, owing to this fact, it becomes dry very slowly. Attention – in the middle of descent to Rakovec – there is a lot of mud and stones on route, being floated up from side forest paths. Along the route, there are many transverse thresholds, anyway you can overcome it quite easily. The entrance of cars is not allowed, bolts from both parts of road are installed. In spite of this, you can meet a vehicle of forest administration or undiscipled motorcyclist.

As to refreshment: it is possible to get it in automotodrom area near to golf-playground (you find here a cottage with take away service) Further, you find the refreshment place at Brno-dam  in Rakovec or in landing-place (you find here a big number of restaurants and kiosks with fast food). However, both refreshment places are quite distant from the route, so we recommend you to take some food with.

Attention – water from Ríša-well is not drinking water!

Access: you can leave your car at Brno-dam (at restaurant Rakovec) and further continue on foot up to the hill along chalets up to the starting point (500 m). You can go there by car, however, there is a lack of parking places and places are taken mostly by local people. From part of automotodrom: the parking is possible at crossroad of road from Žebětín to Ostrovačice with turning aside to automotodrom and „our“ forest path to Ríša-well. The drivers find here often parking near to bolts at forest path, or other possibility – parking inside of automotodrom.

Text: O. Barták


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