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East Giant Mountains

East Giant Mountains
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Trutnov district

Nerby the river: Úpa

Your excursion could be started in the town of Trutnov (on Krakonoš Square). You descend towards Malé náměstí (Small Square), drive across Úpa river and go straight ahead through Novodvorska Street up to Grammar School building. Here, you turn to the left towards Fibich Street, which leads you outside the town. If you continue your drive on the road, you arrive at the edge of Horní Staré Město. You mount through the forest to cross-road at Zámecký vrch (Castle Hill), turn to the left, and your path starts to drop soon again.

You pass right-rotational diversion, and after 150 metres approx., you take the abbreviation, following red marked tourist trail. You join the road, and go ahead up to the town of Žacléř. Here, you join cycling road No.1A, mount Žacléř Range, and continue your drive up to Rýchory Cross. Further, your way leads you, following red marked tourist trail, up to the place of Pomezní Boudy.

From here, long descent follows, down to Malá Úpa Valley, following your way to the mouth of both Úpa-rivers. After a bridge, you turn aside to the right, driving in direction to the community of Pec. After 500 metres of drive, you go out the forest. Nearby Zvonička lodging house, you turn to the left, following cycling route No.23A. From here, you drive towards Walachian Bouda (Cottage), on the same route No.23A, continuing ahead along cycling route No.23. Further, you pass Krausovy Boudy, and, following cycling route No.1B, your drive around Světlá hora, will be finished. Around Pardubice Cottage, you arrive towards Černá bouda (Black Cottage). From here, you continue ahead, following cycling route No.1B into a gap, and shortly afterthat, following cycling route No. 19B (turn to the left), via Zrcadlovky, you arrive to the community of Janské Lázně.

Further, you drive to the community of Svoboda nad Úpou, drive ahead along road No.296 to the community of Mladé Buky, and continue through the village ahead. Shortly, you arrive to Horní Staré Město crossroads. For your return way to Trutnov, you can choose the way, following blue marked tourist trail, and so you arrive into town centre again.

Route length: 30 kms

Character: this route is of middle difficulty stage


Czech republic


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