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Hostivice ponds

Hostivice ponds
Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Prague - west district

Near to the community of Hostivice, in western direction from Prague distant, there is situated a system of ponds, established just in 14th century. Local sources area is created from sandstones which have - in its base - unpermeable slates. The water penetrates through sandstone easily, and so, it creates watersupporting horizon in its lower part. And just this horizon feeds all local springs. Hostivice ponds served – within time period of Emperor Rudolph II. - as a store-house and  water source for gardens of Prague castle. After his death, the Emperor´s Court moved to Vienna. There was no intention to maintain gardens and the ponds for the future, so they were closed (cancelled) consequently. Anyway, there were re-newed in the first half of last century. Litovice Pond, the greater one, was re-newed again. There are put the following sorts of fish here, such as carps, tenches, roaches, eels, pike-perches, jacks, amurs and catfish. You can see here heaps of lime. This serves for disinfection and abasement of  water acidity. The surroundings, including Hostivice ponds, is protected as rare biocentre. It means that this area is important for maintaining of ecological stability of countryside. So, this area was declared as a nature monument, together with adjoined moisture (wet) places, forming quite extent water surface in this countryside. The birds have the chance to be hidden here, and have also their draw stop. Even a lot of birds find here their place for nesting possibility. When you walk carefully along the banks, you can watch wild duck, great swan, black moor-hen and other birds. You can watch them by chance but their singing could  mostly surprise you. Nevertheless, the entrance into reeds is not allowed in time period of birds´ nesting. Moreover, you can meet several sorts of bats here. There are living 21 sorts of bats in Czech Republic altogether, and one third of these animals could be seen here.

Route direction: 2,5 kms.


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