Slalom Route Veltrusy

Slalom race canals

Locality type: Slalom race canals
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Mělník district

Nerby the river: Vltava

This slalom cannal is situated in north part of Central Bohemia, near to the small town of Veltrusy, Mělník district. The cannal is  built in former catamaran sluice of Vltava-weir Miřejovice (river kilometre 18,0). The reconstruction was started in 1983 and it was terminated within couple of years. Since that time period, small changes are effected all the time, and surrounding hinterland is created, too.

The length of the sluice makes 600 metres, and 350 meters are being used for slalom cannal.´The exceed makes 3,5 metres. The depth moves from 0,5 m up to 1,5 m. The passage accross varies in dependence on water level and activity of water electric power station, situated on opposite Vltava bank, between 9-12 cubic metres/sec.

The barriers are: wooden doors in steel frames (wrapped with rubber belt on dangeropus places). In similar way, there are also secured steel or stone-ware pipes or tyres filled up with concrete. The hinterland as well as hygienic equipment of this slalom cannal are concentrated in dockyard, constructed within 1997-1998.

This is ideal place for training of youth, as you can leave it at any place and make training in separate sections. The cannal is equipped with electrical closing piston-valve of supplying water. So, it is possible, in case of accident, to close very quickly water supply in cannal.

Several slalom competitions are taken place here each year, such as a race for Czech Cup Runs. The cannal treated rodeo runs on wild water and raft slalom, too.


Czech republic


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