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Castle ruin Vrabinec - Czech republic


Castle ruin Vrabinec
Locality type: Castles
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Děčín district

Nerby the river: Elbe

The castle of Vrabinec is one of most romantic places of Děčín region. Not too extended ruins of Middle Age castle are hidden inside rugged rock vents. A wonderful view downstairs into Elbe-Valley is opening from here.

Owing to basaltic knots, reminding sparrow´s nest, the place got its name – Vrabinec. Thanks to its top rocks, Vrabinec became unchangable dominante of northern part of Bohemian Highlands, along its right Elbe-bank, between towns of Ústí nad Labem and Děčín. The slopes of the hill are protected with nature reservations, where warm-loving flowers are appearing (such as lilies). Even rocks blossom in spring, as taryssum plants here on rocks.

The castle was founded at the beginning of 15th century by Jan of Techlovice, member of lower aristocracy. He signed as a noble of Vrabinec till 1404. Anyway, eight years later, he was forced, from financial reasons, to sell the castle. During next coming years, Vrabinec castle was in ownership of several other owners, as, for instance, of Nicholas Lobkowitz in 1420. Since second half of 15th century, the castle became a property of Wartenberg Parentage. They made, as well-known, robbery excursions into neighbouring Lusatia. In 1444, their castle was occupied (as a reward for their unfair behaviour) by Six-towns troops. When the castle was conquested, it was not renewed any more, and it is mentioned as deserted place in a message dated of 1515. Anyway, the active life was kept in agriculture courtyard only, placed at the northern part of the castle. This building was inhabited till the middle of 20th century.

Rests of several walls were preserved only from the castle, constructed among basaltic rock vents. The fact that ruins of this castle are not early so interesting and bewitching as the ruins of Hámburk castle (named as the King of Bohemian Highlands), perfectly compensates delightful view around from one of tops of rocky knots. From here, you can oversight deep Elbe-Valley, Rychnov-brook Valley and you can watch also Buková hora (Oak Hill). So, Vrabinec is popular not only among tourists, but also by mounteneers and extreme cyclists. Provided you do not prefer extreme sports and do like more walking excursions with nice targets, so Vrabinec could be your ideal place of interest. Provided you travel by train, would you stop in railway stop Těchlovice, and follow red marked tourist trail passing via the community of Přední Lhota, just to the castle. If you travel by car, so you can park on several places along a road just in the community of Přední Lhota, and then follow red signed tourist  steep path throughout the forest and continue via pasture-land to Vrabinec castle. Shortly, you reach the branch-line to the top. You mount upstairs, passing rests of walls and basaltic rocks, to the top you reach, mounting narrow, not secured stages, so you would pay attention. Nevertheless, the view is a real reward for courageous persons.

Text: Denisa Arvajová

Photo: Google, Google Earth


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