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Červená Lhota castle - Czech republic


Červená Lhota castle
Locality type: Castles
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Tábor district

A stronghold was built on place of today´s Červená Lhota castle, however, we know nothing about their owners. In 1530, the building was bought by Jan Kaba of Rybňany, and he moved here with his brother Wenceslas. Their dominion prospered well, so they decided to re-build it to more comfortable seat. The reconstruction was made by Hons Vlach. He changed originally Gothic stronghold into castle with four wings, layed out around square courtyard. In second half of 16th century, the castle was hit by certain epidemy, it could be plague, who knows? Anyway, many members of Kába-family died. In 1597, the castle bought William Rut of Dírná, who belonged to one of leading men of area. The castle was arranged in Renaissance style. The dominion was enlarged of several villages and small town of Deštná.

After White Hill battle period, the castle was very interesting for Antonius Bruccio, Emperor´s  Cavalry Captain. He seized the castle by force, later he got the right also from court decision. As a new owner, he made some important changes in castle-face. He let built new stony bridge with three arches on place of previous wooden one. However, Bruccio died and did not let any inheritor. So, the castle came to the possession of King´s Chamber, and later, Count William Slavata of Chlum and Košumberk, bought it in 1639. He built a supplementary gate with early Baroque portal and doors with artistic hammering. Later, he let to arrange the courtyard, and entrance tower  was provided with cupola in Baroque style, clock and gallery. The castle obtained its characteristic brick-red face in a moment, when its roof was provided with red-burned tiles. However, in spite of the fact that Slavata Family made this radical reconstruction in Baroque style, including interior rooms, they never lived here permanently, they used it more as countryseat.

In 1693, the castle got new owner, Windischgratz Parentage, however, during their stay here,  the dominion declined slowly. Change came in 1835, when castle of Červená Lhota bought  Henry Eduard Schonburg-Hartenstein, Austrian Emperor´s Lord Chamberlain. He let to arrange the changes in Neo-Gothic style, the same face obtained the interiors later. At the beginning of 20th century, Neo-Renaissance reconstruction arrived.

After 1945, the castle was confiscated by state.However, Red Army stole a part of rare furniture from here. In 1949, the castle was open for public.

Opening Time Table:

Month                Opening time                    Days                       Beginning of last guided tour

April                  9,30 – 17,00 h          on weekends only                     16,00 h

May                   9,30  - 17,00 h         daily, except Mondays               16,00 h

July-August      9,30 - 18,00 h          daily, except Mondays                17,00 h

September        9,30 - 17,00 h          daily, except Mondays                16,00 h

October            9,30 - 17,00 h           on weekends only                      16,00 h

November-March     closed                           daily

Entrance tickets

                                        in Czech language     in foreign languages           Cellars

                                                                            (German, English)

Adults                                  CZK 80,-                   CZK 150,-                        CZK 20,-

Children, students               CZK 50,-                   CZK    80,-                       CZK 15,-

Pensioners                          CZK 60,-                    CZK 130,-                       CZK 15,-

Family Tickets                      CZK 200,-                        --                              CZK 50,-

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: google-earth, pruvodce.com 



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