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Frýdlant castle - Czech republic


Frýdlant castle
Locality type: Castles
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Liberec district

Nerby the river: Smědá

Frýdlant castle was originally built in middle of 13th century. Its role was to protect crossroad of important merchant ways. Its dominante became monumental, 50 m high cylindrical tower known as Indica. Original face of Frýdlant is a classical sample of oldest types of aristocratic castles of „Bergrift“ type. A powerful Ronovský Parentage constructed this castle. King Premysl Ottakar II. was afraid of their executive power, so he took away this dominion from them. In 1278, he granted it, as a fief, to Noble Julius of Biberstein. This parentage kept Frýdlant for further three hundred years. Biberstein manifested ingloriously in a way that they formed an opposition against George of Poděbrady. Therefore they received a right, for their act, from Emperor Frederick III., to mint their own coins. Betrayal reached its top, when Frederick of Biberstein swore a loyalty to Mathias, King of Hungary.

In 1558, the dominion got in possession Frederick of Redern, King´s Adviser. Thanks to military success of Melichar, the castle flourished. At that time, vast reconstruction in Renaissance style was effected. The old building was changed into quite modern valuable castle. Big castle´s wing filled up considerable part of former front part. There was built two-storey palace with eightsided staircase tower, with facade decorated by sgraffitos. All these changes were made by Marco Spazio di Lancio, Italian architect, and took it for 20 years. Despite the fact that military importance of Frýdlant castle dropped, its role in 30-years war was quite important. Great commander Albrecht Eusebius of Wallenstein got it in 1622 from Emperor Ferdinand II., and chose it as his seat. However, irony of destiny is a fact that he gave the castle, as a gift, to Mathias Gallas. This person was one of conspiracy team against  Wallenstein. The war hit the castle in second half of 17th century, after conquest with Swedish troops. They strenghtened castle fortification with fivesided bastions and equipped its front part with new big fortification, including corner bastion and roundish barbacan of entrance gate.

In 17th century, Frýdlant castle got, within stay of Frank Ferdinand Gallas, interior change in Baroque style. Further reconstruction in Baroque style was effected in second half of 18th century, during stay of Philippe Joseph Gallas. After his death, the dominion got  in ownership Christian Philippe Clan, his nephew. He added the name Gallas, in order the condition, stated in the testament, to be kept. So, he became a founder of Clam-Gallas Parentage. In 1801, the castle was open to public. Thanks to this fact, Frýdlant castle was one of first open museums in Central Europe.

Within 1867-1870, reconstruction in Neo-Renaissance style was made. So, we can admire the castle now at present.

Clam-Gallas Parentage lived in castle till 1945.

Opening Time Table for Public:

April: 9,00 h - 15,30 h

May: 9,00 h - 16,00 h

June:9,00 h - 16,00 h

July: 9,00 h - 16,30 h

August: 9,00 h- 16,30 h

September: 9,00 h - 16,00 h

October: 9,00 h - 15,30 h


Entrance tickets:

  1. basic guided tour (90-120 minutes)

children and students: CZK 70,- explanation in foreign languages: CZK 120,-

adults CZK 100,-  explanation in foreign languages: CZK 180,-

pensioners: CZK 90,-

  1. armoury (military, hunting and personal weapons since middle of  12th century till beginning of 20th century)

seven rooms, group of max. 8 persons

CZK 100,-  explanation in foreign languages: CZK 180,-

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: pruvodce.com, google-earth



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