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From Orlické Mountains Up To Peklo (Hell) - Czech republic

Cycling of curve

From Orlické Mountains Up To Peklo (Hell)
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Náchod district

Nerby the river: Metuje

Your excursion could be started from a square in the town of Nové Město nad Metují, following yellow marked tourist trail, via bridge over Metuje-river, continuing into Bohdašín brook valley. Here, you leave the road and drive ahead, still  following yellow marked trail. First part of a valley is well arranged, you can find here banks and arranged fireplaces, cave (Merta hole) and  Forester´s Well. Further, you have to overcome rather difficult section, about one kilometer long, but up to the community of Slavoňov you arrive on comfortable path again. You arrive to the road, in 100 m distance, you can admire wooden church. From here, you continue ahead on the road, up to the community of Janov, and continue further, passing roads and narrow paths, the villages of Bystré, Dobřany, Končiny and Šediviny. You follow red marked tourist trail, via Kouty, and reach holiday centre Deštné.

Now, still against the flow of Bělá-river, you arrive towards Šerlišský Mill and Polomské sedlo(Polomský Gap), mounting upstairs to crossroads „Pod Sedloňovským vrchem“. From here, you descend down back to Sedloňov.

Attention now: after the second winding road, you have to overcome 1,5 kms long descend. Do not forget to turn to the right, following asphalted road and continuing cycling route „Orlické Mountains“ to the community of Olešnice, and further, driving along marked cycling route No. 4035 into the place of Peklo (Hell), and back towards Nové Město nad Metují.

Route length: 56,5 kms

Character: this route has middle stage of difficulty


Czech republic


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