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From Stožec Chapel To Plešné Lake - Czech republic

Cycling of curve

From Stožec Chapel To Plešné Lake
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Prachatice district

Your excursion could be started from the community of Stožec, in right direction, following cycling route No. 1030. From crossroads, you continue, after 1,5 kms of drive, along diversion to Stožec Chapel and rock. However, this hill is too steep, and your bicycles had to be parked somewhere.

Afterthat, you return, following marked route, you drove before,and drive around Stožec, behind Doubrava, you join blue marked cycling route No. 1025. You arrive to the road towards the community of České Žleby. From here, you continue, via so called Zlatá, back towards Stožec and drive to crossroads Mlaka. From here, you turn to the left towards the community of Nové Údolí (New Valley), following cycling route No. 1023. Here, you find frontier crossing. You can use it, wishing to visit top of Třístoličník Mountain.

Nevertheless, your route mounts from Nové Údolí to places of former Rosenauer basin, so to the beginning of so called Schwarzenberg Navigation Canal. Its artificially constructed river-bed would be followed for distance of 9,4 kms (along the same cycling route up to Hlučina crossroads). From here, you continue your drive, following cycling route No. 1029, just up to Plešné Lake. However, from here, you have to return, not to Hlučina, but you turn aside

900 metres before, sharply to the right, following cycling route No. 1023, up to the community of Nová Pec. From here, you have to overcome mounting to tunnel of Schwarzenberg Navigation Canal, following green marked cycling route No. 1027.

You descend quickly but carefully from upper portal, through so called Hlučín Way towards the community of Černý Kříž (Black Cross). From here, there remains only 3,5 kms distance, following the road to Stožec.

Route length: 75 kms

Character: this route is of quite easy difficulty stage


Czech republic


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