Hradec forests - Czech republic

Cycling of curve

Hradec forests
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Hradec Králové district

Nerby the river: Orlice

This circuit could be started in the community of Nový Hradec Králové, on Svatováclavské square. You drive, following blue marked tourist trail, up to a pier of Bříška pond. You continue on forest educational path, leading you to gamekeepers´ house „U kříže“. The path follows forest asphalted road up to Koliba. Closely to it, you cross carefully frequented road Hradec Králové-Holice. Further, you follow road, via the community of Hoděšovice, towards crossroad at Hoděšovka gamekeeper´s house. You continue, driving along the road to the left, and in Bělečko, nearby small chapel, turn to the right. Now, you drive 4 kilometres ahead, up to crossroad „Na jamkách“. You turn to the left, but immediately, when you pass end of fence of gamekeeper´s house, the way is turning to the right, following narrow forest asphalted way. You keep this direction and drive to another gamekeeper´s house „V Jezovinách“. Yolu continue your drive, via the village of Albrechtice and arrive to the town of Týniště nad Orlicí. You cross railway rails, and continue, straight to swimming pool „U dubu“. You follow straight the direction to the left, along small asphalted road, and after 400 m turn aside again to the left, following asphalted road of perfect surface, and along pier of pond and three nature reservations (U glorietu, Černoblatska meadow and Houkvice) to the town of Třebechovice pod Orebem. Here, it is worth to visit famous Trebechovice Christmas crib. From Třebechovice, you follow red marked tourist trail to the community of Krňovice, you cross the road towards the forest and further, passing gamekeeper´s house „Marokánka“, via small brook of Šanovec. You could make a diversion to have a bath in this pond. The route follows red marked tourist route to pond of Vyskyt and gamekeeper´s house „U dvou šraňků“. From here, you continue, passing the other gamekeeper´s house, along asphalted road, back to Nový Hradec Králové.

Route length: 46 kms

Character: this route is of middle stage difficulty, passing three nature reservations.


Czech republic


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