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Jizerské mountains look out towers - Czech republic

Cycling of curve

Jizerské mountains look out towers
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Look out towers Černá Studnice, Bramberk, Slovanka, Královka

Nerby the river: Lužická Nisa

This route belongs to those of middle difficulty stage cycling ways. Your excursion could be started from the town of Jablonec nad Nisou – Rýnovice. You drive along a road through Rýnovická Nisa Valley up to its mouth with Lužická Nisa. Here, you turn aside from Tovární street to Za Plynárnou street. Now, you ride via community of Horní Proseč up to Proseč nad Nisou, following red marked tourist trail. After passing Lužická Nisa river, you follow a road, and reach shortly Milíře and Rádlo, and arrive to the community of Rychnov. You continue along the road, via Dalešice and Markovice, up to the community Dolní Černá Studnice. Further, you mount to Horní Černá Studnice, diverting to the right, following blue marked tourist trail, and arrive to Černá Studnice look out tower. Afterthat, you can descend the same way, or following green marked tourist path to the road, leading to the community of Nová Ves. Later, you continue, driving throughout Nová Ves, passing spring of Nisa-river up to the community of Lučany nad Nisou. From here, you reach shortly Bramberk look out tower. From here, you follow green marked tourist sign back to the edge of forest, and turn to the left. You reach a road, leading to the community of Hrabětice. You drive along, and just before Hrabětice, you turn aside, following green marked tourist sign, up to Maxovský Range and arrive to Slovanka look out tower. From here, you return back to the road, and continue, following still green marked trail, to Hrabětice and Královka. look out tower. From here, you descend to Bedřichov, and via Bedřichov col you arrive to Česká chalupa. Further, you descend on the road to the community of Starý Harcov, turn aside to the left on narrow way, known as „Na Výběžku“ to Nový Harcov. From here, you drive along Lukášovská road to the community of Lukášov and further, back to Rýnovice.

Route length: 59 kms

Character: this cycling route has middle stage of difficulty, but you pass a lot of look out     towers with wonderful views

Photo: google earth


                          Bramberk                             Černá studnice                       Slovanka


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