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Novobystřický circuit - Czech republic

Cycling of curve

Novobystřický circuit
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Jindřichův Hradec district

Your excursion could be started from the town of Nová Bystřice, along cycling route No. 32, in direction to Nový Vojířov. You arrive to Perslak Hotel (with small pond) and continue just to Lower Trout Pond. Here, you turn to the left, following cycling route No. 322, and continue up to the col of Smírčí Hill, and on its opposite part, you turn to the left.

Along Rovenska Way, you descend ti Hajnice in Zadní les (Back Forest). Here, you turn to the right in direction to Mirochov, following  cycling route No. 1010. After 500 m distance, you turn to the left, driving to Staňkov. Cycling route marking (No.1010) helps you to find a way to the community of Pele. You continue your drive ahead to pier of Svobodný Pond.

You drive via Nová Huť and Dračice, and turn to the first asphalted diversion (passing small brook) to the right, and drop, through Velký Londýn, towards small pond. Here, you turn, following red marked tourist trail, to the right, in direction to the community of Františkov.

Along cycling route No. 1012, you drive towards Klikov, and from here, you continue, following cycling route No. 1011, the road in direction the communities of Hamr and Chlum u Třeboně.  From here, you drive, along Hejtman Pond, further to Mirochov, where you turn to the right, following cycling route No. 1010, in direction to Hajnice in Zadní les. From here, you drive the same section to Perslak Hotel. From here, you return to Nová Bystřice, following cycling route No. 1007, leading near to the state border.

Route length: 66 kms

Character: this cycling route is quite easy

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