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The Ways Finish In Březník - Czech republic

Cycling of curve

The Ways Finish In Březník
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Klatovy district

Nerby the river: Otava

Your excursion could be started from the community of Srní. You drive, following cycling route No. 2121, via crossroads Staré Srní, and across place „Pod Kostelním vrchem“ (Church Hill) towards Vchynice-Tetov navigation canal. From here, you continue ahead blue marked cycling route No. 2114, along canal, via plain, and turn to the right, overcoming difficult mounting, following marked cycling route No. 2122 up to the crossroads „Pod Oblíkem“.

From here, you turn your steps, via fishmonger´s to the community of Modrava. From here, you continue your drive, following red marked cycling route No. 2113. Here, you can admire Tříjezerní slať (Three Lakes Peat-bog) and enjoy luxurious ride along Roklan brook.

From Modrava, you drive throughout Modrava brook Valley, following red marked cycling route No. 1023, in direction to Březník. Nevertheles, you return back to the place you arrived, but after 2 kms drive, you turn aside to crossroads „Na Ztraceném“ to the right.

Pleasant forest asphalted way leads you up to the community of Filipova Huť. Now, you continue your way, following cycling route No. 33, up to the community of Kvilda, and again, driving on the road, in direction towards to Horská Kvilda, to crossroads „U Daniela“.

Afterthat, you continue your drive, following cycling route No. 2123, at the edge of Zhůřské slatě, towards the community of Zhůř. Now, your drive will be quite pleasant, and you descend downstairs to valley of Otava-river. Now, you continue your drive, mounting back to the community of Srní, via Čeňkova pila, and you can see water electric power stations on Vydra brook.

Route length: 58 kms

Character: the route has middle difficulty stage


Czech republic


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