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Locality type: Dams
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Tábor district, Tismenický brook

The oldest water reservoir in Europe is to be flown out for the first time.

Valley basin Jordán is a first reservoir in Central Europe which was established for town water-supply. The foundation of Jordán historical basin on Tismenice brook is mentioned ?n historical sources of 1492. The reservoir has poured pier of nearly 20 m height with very steep inclination of air front-side. Pier-body became, for very long time-period, very frequented and hardly replacable traffic line, connecting two quarters of town of Tábor.

Jordán was used for fish breeding especially. Jordán-fishing out was most often taken possibility for opening of lower flood-gate serving for basin flowing out. In 1830, the flood-gate equipment was used for flowing out for last time. After that date, the basin was not flowed out any more, and sluiced wooden water-pipes were blocked and devastated successively. However, a position of these pipes is not known, so its renovation is not real. The establishment of new lower sluice through pier-body, at circumstances, when reservoir is not flowed out, could be quite hazardous, especially for total stability and tightness of pier. It means that a basin could not be flowed out at present.

In August 2002,  the town of Tábor suffered from flooding, and the whole region was placed in order among damaged areas. This was also a reason, why Tábor asked for (on 23rd December 2004) granting of reconstruction ?Renovation of Jordán Basin-1st stage? lower sluice, and for granting of extraordinary manipulation on Jordán basin. exceeding agreed Manipulation Order within building time-period. The purpose of this building is: arrangement of lower sluice, which is an important working element not only of water-work, but also an element for safe security, especially during floodings and extraordinary as well as crisis situations.

After construction of lower sluice, there is taken into account, within scope of second stage of renovation of basin, with total mud-removing (in 1st stage there are solved local mud-removing  in a space of pier and of reservoir only). Main targets of Jordán mud-removing are: trofical load decrease,  water quality increase as well as reservoir space increase.

Flooding-out of Jordán causes temporarily biotop conditions of verified protected small animals. Conditions of Nature and Countryside Preserve Agency are as follows:

-         construction of small pier in central part of a pond, which will seize a water in central and northern part of reservoir within construction time-period.

-         transfer of all small animals from southern to northern part of basin.

Lower sluice will be solved by means of line, mostly underground construction, enabling basin flowing out from its deepest point, through outflanking, behind right part pier-bounding with its final mouth on right part - from safe-overflow waterfall to Tismice-brook bed, and will be forced with tunnel way - i.e. by means of shooting. The tunnel will be 208,2 m long.

The town of Tábor, as an investor, asked for granting of financial means  from European Sources (Infrastructure Operation Programme), as financing of such complicated construction from town´s budget only, is absolutely impossible. Assumed  costs make CZK 96 mil. approx. However, the town was not successful in getting such contribution up to now. The realization of lower sluice depends on granting of financial sources - probably at the end of 2006.

Pier length: 300 m

Pier width: 18 m

Total volume: 0,003 mil.m3




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