Lipno - Czech republic


Locality type: Dams
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Bohemian forest

Nerby the river: Vltava

LIPNO- Sea of Bohemian Forest is very popular holiday resort

A section of Vltava cascades is formed with water works of Lipno I. and Lipno II., built on upper flow of Vltava-river. The construction was started in 1953 and terminated in 1958. In 1959, the water electric power station was set into operation. Lipno reservoir is a biggest water surface in Czech Republic and is a popular holiday resort. Water work Lipno I contains dam-body with underground power station. A pier is placed on right bank and it is - from two thirds - ground with instigated cramped nucleus. On left bank, there is remaining concrete part. A road leads across pier-crown, forming a part of road-nest. A pier is funcrioning as combinated concrete heavy and ground strewed construction.

Lower sluice as well as overflows have joint extract. The bed is used as a race line for water slalom and wild river descent. Power station machine-room is placed inside a rock, 200 m under terrain level. Water for turbines is brought through separate estuary object. Refuse-fall tunnel mouths direct to the reservoir of water work Lipno II and is long 3,6 kms inside a rock. The purpose of this water work is: water accumulation for flood increasing - useful for energetic, sales for industry, security of minimal outlet could be 6 m³/sec., partial protection of landed properties and objects against influence of floodings. These targets are submitted also to holiday use of reservoir.

Pier length: 296 m

Width in crown: 10 m

Pier height: 25 m (over terrain)

Inundated surface: 4870 ha (at maximal swelling)

Swelling length: 48 kms

Pier body volume: 330 thousands m³

Basin total volume: 306 mil. m³

Minimal flow: 1,5 m³/sec.

Photo: Štěpánka Svobodová




Czech republic


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