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Blatenský příkop (Blatná ditch) - Czech republic

Educational path

Blatenský příkop (Blatná ditch)
Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Karlovy Vary district

Our excursion could be started in Boží Dar. The path heads for water ditch and connects Horní Blatná with Boží Dar. The ditch is 12 kms long. Water, necessary for ores mining and adjustment, was led through ditch. When the mining was finished, the water, brought here throughout ditch, was used, first of all, to local industry purposes. This ditch was also important for fire protection. In 1872, there was established „Society of Water Ditch“ in Horní Blatná. Each member had to pay some contribution limit into common cash-desk. As a chairman, the mayor of Horní Blatná was nominated. Maintanance works as well as reparation works were financed by this society. Blatná Water Ditch was declared as culture monument in 1980. Complex reconstruction was made within 1995-2001. So, we finish our excurison in the community of Horní Blatná. This path is destined for foot-passengers only. You find 23 stopson the route.

Length: 11,5 kms.


Czech republic


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