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Botanic Garden In Prague - Troja - Czech republic

Educational path

Botanic Garden In Prague - Troja
Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Prague - Troja

Nerby the river: Vltava

This path leads you through a nature of Troja Basin, from here, there is wonderful view on Prague. This way was created by workers of Prague Botanic Garden, under financial support of Mayor Office of Prague capital. This botanic garden is situated on a surface of 52 ha. The path starts on left part from entrance. It leads you up to the hill over glass-house to children playground. In past, there was deserted sand-quarry. Now, you find here wooden banks and fireplace. Fire-making is allowed in this place only.

Anyway, local soil is acid and a heath is surrounding here, so you can find simple plants only, such as  thorns. However, most problematic plants (trees)on spot are those of acacia. This plant is able to maintain even in dry soil and offers a food to bees. Nevertheless, acacia-resistance makes a problem, and moreover, this plant secrets poison stoffs into soil, so only a minimum of plants could be maintained in this area. So, to these plants belong, first of all, elder-berries and nettles. So, the acacia had to be removed by means of chemical means in Trojská Basin. You pass parking place, along a fence, and go to the right down to spring of Haltýř small brook. You continue ahead, up to Velká skála (Great Rock Hill). Anyway, the path does not leads you to the top. Nevertheless, a stop on this place offers the most beautiful view on Prague and Troja Basin.

Route length: 3 kms


Czech republic


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