Brdatka - Czech republic

Educational path

Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Rakovník district

Nerby the river: Berounka

Between communities of Křivoklát and Zbečno, there is located, on its southeast slope, national reservation area of Brdatka. There are to be found here protected slope forests and rocks. The trees here grow with small and curved growth. You can find here mostly oaks. Further, there are to be found hornbeam forest, berries and beech-trees, or birches and pines. On places which are not too dry, there are to be discovered hornbeam forests. Except of this, you find woodbine, hazel or bird´s food. On places, where there is suitably humid soil. There is planting here hornbeam mixed with oaks, ash-trees, elms and maples. In spring, there are blooming various  herbs, such as five-finger grass,liverleafs and other. There is noted also big presence of spiders, first of all rare steppe sorts. As far as reptiles are concerned, you can watch here green lizard, adders, etc.

Route length: 3,3 kms


Czech republic


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