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Stone lines (rows) at Koutnov - Czech republic

Educational path

Stone lines (rows) at Koutnov
Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Rakovník district, Louny

This place is named „Na rovinách“, despite the fact that the way leads upstairs slope hill. The place has very advantageous strategical position. This fact is proved also by near Domoušice Piece of Ground. The edges are broken by many, today just overgrown quarries, where the granite was excavated. This is excellent building stone, light and hard. It is being excavated in the neighbourhood at present. At the same time, a lot of wonderful petrifications could be found here. The forest, you can see here now, it was not in past at all.The countryside was cultivated in agricultural way. So, these stone lines could divide the borders of real estates, in order to prevent that a neighbour could not add some furrow from foreign land more. Anyway, this is only one of most probable variants. It is unknown even time period when the stones were brought here.

You can walk the path at any time. However, during winter, the stones are hidden under snow covering.

Route length: 4,3 kms


Czech republic


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