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Štramberk educational path - Czech republic

Educational path

Štramberk educational path
Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Nový Jičín district

This circular path was established in 2003. Your excursion could be started from Štramberk railway station. Here, you find vast parking place. You go ahead, following a path with nice view around, in direction to Šipka (Arrow) Cave. This cave was inhabitated in acient times. You continue your walk passing several monuments. Over limestone quarry Kotouč (Disk) you can enjoy nice view into excavating space of the quarry. Further, the path leads you to Plaňava ravine, where rare sorts of orchids could be found. You continue, walking up to Horská Bašta (Hill Bastion), where you can admire carpentered wooden houses. At the end of this street, you can visit Zdeněk Burian Museum, and main square in Štramberk. You continue your walk, mounting stone stages up to Zámecký vrch (Castle Hill) to cylindrical tower known as Truba (Tuba). You mount up to the top of Bílá hora (White Hill), passing Virgin Mary statue up to Horní Kamenárka place. You can buy printed guide book in Štramberk tourist information centre. This route is not suitable for cyclists, and it is not recommended to be passed in winter period.

Route length: 6 kms

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