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Streams Of St. John Streams - Czech republic

Educational path

Streams Of St. John Streams
Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Příbram district

Nerby the river: Vltava

Just at the beginning, we wish to draw attention to the fact that this route has high stage of difficulty, so it is destined and suitable for foot passangers only. The best way is, to make this excursion during warm and dry weather.

Before Štěchovice, Vltava-river goes through Jílové belt, complex of old mineral eruptions, which changed into slates, as press - consequence at later mountain-forming processes. A gold was excavated here, mainly in surroundings of Jílové, and the gold was washed out in this area on some places. On its right river bank, nature reservation „Kobylí draha“ (Horse´s Line) is to be found. The plants growing inside this nature reservation, are to be followed also near to educational path. In the river downstairs, there was constructed (within 1939-1943) a dam, creating a lake in Vltava cascade. St.John´s streams - this was one of most beautiful sections along the river, however, it disappeared below water level for ever. Along the river, the oldest community was established by old hikers, however, this community was completely inundated, too.

At present, you find new community, situated on higher places. It is obvious that the dam is able to prevent from floodings, but those of 2002 was beyond its power. The route passes around the rocks, and it is, on some places, expanded through built passages. So, you can watch on some places, green lizard, our greates reptile. Along the banks, even adders could be found. In forests, you can follow more that 60 sorts of protected birds. The path leads you also throughout moufflon - park. These animals were transported here in 1980. Anyway, except of this, you can see here also roe-deers. Along the path, there are placed 10 stops altogether. Attention, the route is quite difficult, there is even a danger of mortal accidents! So, be very carefull!

Route length: 6 kms


Czech republic


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