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Stromovka - Královská Obora (King's Preserve) - Czech republic

Educational path

Stromovka - Královská Obora (King's Preserve)
Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Prague Capital

Nerby the river: Vltava

On left bank of Vltava-river, Bohemian Kings had, since 13th century, their hunting-ground, founded by King Premysl Ottokar II, in 1268. Later, Emperor Rudolph II. let to create a park here. A pheasantry was established there, and fallow-deers and Asian goats were kept here.

Also new ponds were created. A gallery, 1102 metres long was necessary to be broken, so that the ponds would be supplied with Vltava-waters. So, this tunnel names Rudolph-gallery. It was terminated in 1593, and it is being used even untill now. Later, some ponds were cancelled and filled up. So, in such way begun today´s combination of meadows, forests and ponds. Anyway, during activity of Charles Rudolph Chotek, some water surfaces were re-newed. A water-tower, which drew the water up to the height of 40 metres, was constructed, in order the necessary pressure could be reached.

As far as the plants are concerned, you find here summer oaks, some coming from 17th century. Various sorts of rare insects can find their food inside tubular old trees. Also many foreign plants were planted. However, the undergrowth in forest is poor, but you can see here several ornamented plants, such as saffrons.

In 2002, Stromovka Park was heavilly struck with inundation, and more than one thousand of trees had to be rooted up. A table, placed at area entrance, gives you more detailed information about trees.

Route length: 2 kms


Czech republic


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