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Aderspach - Teplice rocks - Czech republic

Aderspach - Teplice rocks
Locality type: Nature places of interest
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Náchod district

Nerby the river: Metuje

Aderspach-Teplice Rocks

National nature reservation Aderspach-Teplice Rocks was declared just in 1933, in an area of more than 1770 ha, in order rock towns, situated in this space, could be protected. National nature reservation is spreaded in a triangle, demarcated with communities of Aderspach, Teplice nad Metují and Čáp-Hill, nearby the village of Skály (Rocks). Both rocky areas could be visited in any season of the year (in winter, the entrance is free of charge). One interesting fact: a fairytale „Třetí princ“ (Third Prince) was filmed in these rocks.

It is worth to visit also the neighbourhood of rocky towns, such as Ostaš Hill, including Klučanka Valley, not far distant from the village of Dědov. In Klučanka, there are to be found many protected plants and a spring of drinking water sources here. Behind Klučanka Valley, you find Kočičí hrad (Cats´ Castle) rocky town, created also from sandstone, where you can easily climb the rocks and collect blueberries.

The origin

After retreat of chalk sea, there were created in this area (under influence of tectonic and  crumble activity), originally coherent sandstone tables - two isolated gropus of rocks - Aderspach Rocks and teplice Rocks, divided from each other with deep Vlčí rokle (Wolf Ravine). National nature park is important not only with its geomorphologia, but with presence and existence of many preserved animals and plants.

Text: Václav Zamba, Pavla Voborníková

Photo: Google


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