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Around Kost Castle And Valečov Castle - Czech republic

Around Kost Castle And Valečov Castle
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Jičín district

This cycling route is quite easy and leads you into interesting places. Your excursion could be started from the town of Sobotka, via communities of Střehom and Dobšín. You follow green marked cycling route No. 4013 and drive around Chrby Hill. You join cycling route No. 4014 and continue, passing Drhlensky Pond, via the community of Suhrovice, straight ahead towards Neo-Classic small town with people´s wooden houses. Further, you turn aside to the right, passing community of Skalka, and join green marked tourist trail No. 4013, leading you towards ruins of Valečov rock castle.

Later, following blue marked cycling route No. 4009, you drive along Smrkovec Hill towards the community of Branžež, joining again cycling route No.4013, around Komarovsky Pond (you have take a bath here in summer months). Further, you continue via Zakopana, around expressive Sokolka rocky massif (with richly divided walls, formed by means of colourly different sandstone layers). You continue ahead, via Srbsko, and join blue marked cycling route, which leads you to Gothic Castle of Kost. After castle sightseeing, you can enjoy beauties of Plakanek Valley, nature monument. You continue, following blue marked cycling route, to the community of Libošovice, where you drive along marked cycling route No.14, via communities of Malechovice and Roven. On the crossroads, you turn aside to the right, following green marked tourist trail, via the community of Stéblovice to the town of Sobotka.

Route length: 46 kms

Character: this route is quite easy and pleasant

Photo: Štěpánka Svobodová


Czech republic


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