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Central parts of Kokořín area - Czech republic

Central parts of Kokořín area
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Česká Lípa district

Would you prepare for quite difficult route. You start from the town of Mšeno and enter Kokořín Protected Countryside Area. You follow green marked cycling route No. 0002, passing Vratenský Hill with look out tower, via Horní Houska, and from here you can turn to Houska Renaissance Castle. After castle sightseeing, you continue ahead, following marked cycling route No. 0015, via Blatce, up to the community of Ždírec. You turn aside to the left in Źdírecký důl direction . On left side, you can see Velký Beškovský kopec (Great Beskov Hill) – altitude 474 m above sea level. On its top, there are to be found exits of basaltic eruptives, moreover, from rock terraces, there are very nice views available. The road leads you up to small town of Dubá. Further, you continue in direction to Dražejov (where you can admire people´s carpentered houses in village green). If you wish, you can turn aside to the right up to the community of Nedvězí (here, you find preserved people´s architecture), and Vysoký vrch (High Hill), where you can enjoy perfect circular (ring-shaped) view. Further, you continue via community of Střezivojice, (a village with carpentered wooden houses), and Dobřeň, up to the community of Kokořín. From here, blue tourist trail leads you up to local Kokořín Castle. After sightseeing, you drive along marked trails Nos. 142 and 143 throughout national reservation Kokořínský důl up to the community of Ráj (Paradise), turn aside to the right and shortly reach your starting point,  the town of Mšeno.


Route length:  51 kms

Character: very diffucult cycling route

Photo: Klára Svobodová


Czech republic


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