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From Písek Up To Zvíkov - Czech republic

From Písek Up To Zvíkov
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Písek district

Nerby the river: Skalice

This route has middle stage of difficulty. Your excursion could be started in nice town of Písek, situated along banks of auriferous river of Otava. We are sure that you do not miss to visit a lot of  local places of interest. You drive in direction to the communities of Vrcovice, Vojníkov and Tukleky. Here, you can see bricklayed  main floor houses, decorated with beautiful gables, such typical for this region. In the village of Oslov, there is to be found a monument, reminding 21 local inhabitants, executed by Nazi soldiers. Here, there is a start as well as a finish of so called Partisan Path.

You continue your drive via relax resort of Zvíkovské Podhradí here, there is a start as well as finish of educational path Zvíkov-Orlík. To the right, there is a diversion towards Zvíkov Castle, we are sure that you do not miss to visit this castle. After castle sightseeing, you drive across the bridge via Orlík water reservoir, pass the community of Varvažov, continue your drive via bridge over Skalice-river, and shortly afterthat, you turn aside to the left, in direction to the village of Horní Ostrovec.

You drive around ponds Landa and Novovrážský, continue your drive via communities of Stará Vráž and Čížová, and return on road back to Písek.

Route length: 44 kms

Character: this route has middle stage of difficulty


Czech republic


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