Roudný - Czech republic

Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Benešov district

Roudný is one of Czech´s exploited ore deposits. Mining works were effected here just in 12th century. So, in 1910, there was excavated here more than 30 thousand tonns of gold-bearing ores. Consequently, 2345 kgs of gold was obtained from this ore.

In 1927, the exacvations were effected from 450 m depth, and ore deposit was nearly exhausted. The mining was stopped during economical crisis in 1930. Anyway, the mining renewal was made after 2nd World War, however, for short time period only. The mining was definitely closed in 1955.

Some administrative buildings were arranged for school education purposes. At present, one building serves for Institute for Social Care, Ratměřice. Nevertheless, there is again an intention to start with mining. Each deposit is exhausted only partially, so, there exists a possibility, that the excavation could be open again, and could be even profitable. Nevertheless, in 1990, there was refused a requiry of Canadian mining company which was interested in these deposits.

You can find many traces after mining works in Roudný. On some places, there are to be watched fallen galleries, and ruins remained from several buildings around. In 1994, there was declared nature monument on territory of former gold-mine. The places, where crushed and washed ore are placed, the finding places of rare insects are to be found. However, this path is not maintained, so the signs are in bad stage.

Route length: 1,5 kms


Czech republic


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