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Velký Blaník (Great Blaník) - Czech republic

Velký Blaník (Great Blaník)
Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Benešov district

Our smallest preserved countryside area is situated around Blaník Hill. This territory is not much disturbed with industry. In communities, where the forests change with meadows and ponds, there are to be found many historical sightseeings. You walk throughout afforested countryside and across top of the hill. Upstairs, the mounds were constructed. According to fragments, which wre found here, it belonged to Celtics. However, there are very few findings available from this time priod.

Blaník is completely afforested. Originally, beech-wood trees were planted here, some of them are preserved till now. These rests of trees are declared as nature reservation. However, the beech-woods were broken down, and with fir-woods substituted. Moreover, there was started to be planted pine-wood monoculture. Mainly during winter saison, you can watch here forest animals. At dusk, you can even meet wild pigs. However, the forests are damaged with moufflons all the time, when they come here. Anyway, also weasels, fox or martens could be met here.

On the path, there are placed 10 stops. Attention: you are not recommended to enter the path in winter, when the route is covered with snow.

Route length: 6 kms


Czech republic


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