Brdo - Czech republic

Lookout tower

Locality type: Lookout tower
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Uherské Hradiště district

Chřiby Highlands, afforested area, are extended in the centre of Moravia. Its highest peak is Brdo, with look-out-tower building, located in an altitude of 587 m above sea level. Its name comes of local dialect "brd". This expression means afforested elevation with rocky hill.

Most comfortable, nearly four kilometres long path, is those red signed trail (with small surpass)which leads up to the top, from tourist chalet of Bunč. This tourist chalet, with parking place, is situated in the middle of deep leafy woods of Chřiby. Nearby, the road from the community of Modrá (Uherské Hradiště) up to the small town of Zdounky. Other tourist trail, green signed, (and later with red trail) leads you, via Brdo, to the swimming pool in the community of Roštín (where you can park, too). However, this way is not too comfortable, owing to its 300 surpass. The nearest railway stop from Brdo look- out- tower is located  in the community of Zdounky, approx. 9 kms distant.

Stone tower, 24 metres high, is quite interesting , and was constructed here in 2004. It is one of  less stone look-out-towers, constructed after 2nd World War in Czech Republic. Inside this unique tower, your attention would be taken with small exhibition of photos, informing about building construction. When you mount 125 stages on view platform, delightful round view, even into remote areas, will be available. So, in north part back, you can see the town of Olomouc, including Svatý Kopeček shrine. Under favourable weather conditions, you can watch remote Jeseníky Mountains with its highest peak of Praděd, including TV sender. On right part from Olomouc, there are extending Odrerské Highlands. On north-east, you can watch Hostýn Highlands, with highest peak of Kelčský Javorník, and closely in front of it, Hostýn Hill, including local look-out-tower, shrine church and wind-electric power station.

On right side, back, you can watch, under favourable weather conditions, even Beskydy Mountains, including Radhošť with chapel and TV sender, and behind, a little higher Kněhyně Mountain. On the other hand, in southeast, there are rising tops of White Carpathian Mountains with Velký Lopeník look-out-tower, and with Jelenec, former military tower to the right, and highest Velká Javořina Mountain. In south, you can watch, under favourable weather conditions, the highest peak of Pavlov Hills, Děvín (with TV sender), and in right direction, you can watch cooling tower of Dukovany, nuclear power station.

On north-west, there is rising not too remote Hradisko Hill with retranslate tower. Behind, there is to be seen a silhouette of Drahany Highland, including TV sender Kojál. In a distance of 1 kilometer, in south-west direction, there is to be found a lower top of Malé Brdo, where there is located one of last triangle towers. However, this small wooden building is in very bad condition, and the mounting upstairs is quite risky. It is, from its great part, outgrown with trees, so the around view from here is very limited. Provided you would continue to drive from here to the community of Modrá, you can have a look from this small wooden look-out-tower, located one kilometer, before this community, in right direction at the road. In the neighbourhood of the community of Modrá, there is to be found very known shrine place of Velehrad, with Cisterciac monastery and a basilica.

Text: Denisa Arvajová

Photo: Google, Google Earth


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