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Prokopské and Dalejské Valleys Nature Park - Czech republic

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Prokopské and Dalejské Valleys Nature Park
Locality type: Nature places of interest
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Prague Capital

This park is, in substance, most north placed head of Bohemian Karst, in south-west part of Prague. As preserved area, it was declared in 1993, having an extent of 652 ha. The park contains the area of Dalejské Valley, Prokopský brook (between quarters of Hlubočepy, Jinonice and Řeporyje), and so called Dívčí hrady (Girls´ Castles) over Zlichov, between housing estates Barrandov and Velká Ohrada. To preserved monuments on this area belong also nature place of Požáry, Daleje profile, U Nového mlýna (At New Mill), Opatřilka and Prokopské Valley nature reservation.

Nevertheless, most visited area is those central part, containing outskirts of former bathing place, Bučovice Piece of Ground, Hlubočepy Lake, system of quarries and plateaux over Zlíchov, with rests of Děvín Castle.

Green marked tourist trail leads from Řeporyje, across part of Dalejské Valley, passing Hemer Rocks up to Bučovice. Yellow marked tourist path leads from Bučovice, via Bučovice Piece of Ground, up to Hlubočepy. Finally, blue marked tourist trail leads from Zlíchov, via Prokopské Valley up to Klukovice.

Text: Markéta Řandová

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