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Prague - Troja - Czech republic


Prague - Troja
Locality type: Playspot´s
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Praha 7, Troja

Nerby the river: Vltava

The artificial slalom line offers more places for freestyle, the  best are three- Wave, Roller and Mug (Roller).


It is situated in the middle of canal. Enables all tricks, except of air, however, it does not allow owing to its vastness (smallnest). Attention  on depth ! The wave is bigger and better, provided the bigger water-level is available.

Roller  (V)

This roller is situated in the middle of canal. It has really the „V“ form-shape. The ride is quite difficult, it is necessary to turn drive to the  right. The depth is small, the knocking is enormously great. The roller is also comparatively strong and the non-experienced watermen respect it a lot.

Mug (Roller)

It is a roller of Czech Republic Championship. This is  taken place regularly each  year .

This roller is very strong, or, on the other hand, it does not keep at all. It is  very much dependent  on a low water level. In general, in case  when there is lack of water in Vltava, so it holds (keeps) , in case of enough water level, it does not hold. However, the Eskimo turnings  make problem ( lack of time) – threat  of flushing away ! – the return is possible by carrying out only. The turnings are unstabil. Anyway, all roller-tricks can be made, in spite of the fact that this is hard. It is true that playspot is not  suitable for very beginners.

There are  to be found further number of rollers. The border of drivíng you find  by observing of local riders.




Czech republic


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