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Elisabeth Bath In Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) - Czech republic


Elisabeth Bath In Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)
Locality type: Spa
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Region of Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary district

Nerby the river: Teplá

Elizabeth Bath Karlovy Vary is situated below afforested hills of Ore Mountains, at confluence of Teplá and Ohře rivers, in Karlovy Vary Region of Karlovy Vary, in an altitude of 640 metres above sea level. We know from historical notices that the town of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) was founded by Emperor Charles IV. in 1350. The legend says  that hot spring was discovered by King´s hunting excursion, while pursuiting the game. The beginning of public balneology comes to first half of 16th century time period. Since 1531, bathing charges were required. At the beginning of 18th century, first bathing house was established. At that time period, thermal water started to be used, in accordance with the impulse of doctor Becher, not only for baths but also for drinking cures. Davide Becher made his first chemical analyses of local mineral sources. Later, after big fire in 1759, Karlovy Vary undergone great building boom. So, Neo-classical. Vřídelní kolonáda (Spring Colonnade), Mlýnské and Vřídelní lázně (Mill and Spring Baths), Skalní pramen kolonáda (Rock Spring Colonnade) and other buildings were built. When the railway connection was introduced here in 1870, great income of visitors came, and Karlovy Vary became most known spa town of Europe.

The building of Elizabeth Bath was open for public in 1906. The house is placed in a park of French style. In the outskirts, there are sourcing at least one hundred springs of different substantiality. Nevertheless, thirteen mineral springs, at the temperature ranging from 30° C up to 72° C, (containing hydrocarbonate, chlorine, sulphur, natrium and other minerals) are used for balneology purposes. Most known source is those of Vřídlo (Spring), jetting up to the height of 15 metres. To next nature sources belong local peat and gas from finding place of Krásno. Healing procedures help during cures of digestion system, metabolism, moving apparatus as well as neurological diseases. The visitors have available relax and regeneration programms, salt cave, complex of basins, infrasauna and kryotherapy.

In an area Region of Karlovy Vary, you can find many nature, culture and historical places of interest. Sporting events in free nature are offered by golf and lawn-tennis playgrounds. Dense nest of marked forest paths and spa promenades, long nearly 100 kms, serves for pleasant walks and excursions. In winter season, the ski-areas of Klínovec and Boží Dar offer its service for skiers.

Text: Monika Babická

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: Google, Panoramio.com

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