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Healing spa Janské Lázně - Czech republic


Healing spa Janské Lázně
Locality type: Spa
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Trutnov district

Nerby the river: Úpa

Janské Lázně Spa is situated in Giant Mountains National Park, below Černá hora (1299 m), in a valley of Úpa river, Hradec Králové Region, in an altitude of 670 metres above sea level. Warm spring, welling up at slope of Černá hora, is probably known since 1006. Preserved written notices come of 1300. Anyway, first spa buildings started to be built since 1677, under support of Adolf Schwarzenberg, taken as a founder of this spa.

Local thermal springs well up from sinkinks of 50 metres depth, at temperature of 27° C, containing hydrocarbonic, calcium, natrium and radon. Recovering cures help to improve the treatment of moving apparatus, nervous and skin (dermatological) diseases.

Thanks to pure mountain climate, the stay in this spa is suitable for treatment of respiratory diseases.

The town of Jánské Lázně is not only a spa centre. Thanks to constructed rope railway lines, ski-towages, ski-running routes, the place became popular sporting, tourist as well as relax centre.


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