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Kynžvart spa - Czech republic


Kynžvart spa
Locality type: Spa
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Cheb district

Kynžvart Spa is placed in area of Slavkov Forest, in west part of Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) Region, in an altitude of 730 metres above sea level. The history of spa comes to 19th century. Preserved written notices about springs come of 1454, but its first analysis were made in 1822. On base of successfull water analysis, there was started the construction of first balneology houses in 1856. However, from originally 22 springs, there are used only four at present. Cold mineral springs, rich on oxyde carbonic, containing calcium, magnesia, and acide silicate, (welled up  at 8,8° C temperature), are being used also for baths and drinking cures. To further nature treatment sources belong also mud-baths, coming from Slavkov Forest, and also mountain climatic conditions, containing high and standard air-humidity. Kynžvart Spa is specialized for treatment of children, suffering from respiratory apparatus diseases, skin and urological illnesses.

Direct surrounding of spa area offers to visitors historical as well as nature monuments. So, for instance, Kynžvart Castle, could be reached with short walk only.

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