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Botanical garden in Teplice - Czech republic

Zoo and botanic gardens

Botanical garden in Teplice
Locality type: Zoo and botanic gardens
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Teplice

Botanical garden, Teplice, is membership-subscription organization of Teplice Municipial Authorities. Its complex makes 2 ha, half of this is dedicated to outside exposition. Exhibition glasshouses are placed on surface of 2400 square metres approx. Supply-magazine glasshouses have the extent of 1750 square metres, however, there are closed for public. This botanical garden was founded on 1st January 2002.


Xerical: Mexico and Central America, South America, Galapagos Islands, Arabia, Yemen, Sokotra Island, South Africa, Madagascar.

Tropical: Pacific Area, Australia and Australasia, South-east Asia, Central America, South America, tropical Africa, North Madagascar, „Crosswords flower-bed“ (i.e. plants, you know from cross-puzzles, kitchen and pharmacy).

Subtropical: the origin of brown coal (countryside of Teplice region in past), mountains of south-east Asia, Australia, New Zealand, mountains of South Africa, flora of Ands Mountains from Mexico up to Flame-Country.

Opening time table:

The garden is closed for public on Mondays.


9,00 – 17,00 h (in winter months)

9,00 – 18,00 h (in summer months) May-September

Entrance fee:

Full :                            CZK 50,-

Reduced:                    CZK 25,-

Family ticket: (2+1):    CZK 100,-

Text: Václav Zamba

Photo: Google


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