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Plattling - Germany

Locality type: Playspot´s
Continent: Europe
State (country): Germany

Plattling is one of many nice German small towns situated along river basin of Isar-river. This would be for watermen, and especially for freestylers, nothing special, if there it would be there one of nearest playsposts of European level available. In distance of 70 kms only, from Železná Ruda cross border point, there is placed excellent playspot for training of all rodeo figures, including those most difficult.ones. It is artificially created water stage in a form of converted „U“ letter. So, water roller is created here, and it is being changed in a wave on its left part. Along both sides, there are sufficiently long return spaces, enabling easy return into roller, even from 200 m long distance. In all its length, there is sufficient depth, and no vessel damage or injury of any part of your body is menacing at all. Another positive matter: the warm water is available all year round.

This place is also interesting for you with a fact, that you have the chance to meet here best freestylers of this category (Olli Grau, Ingrid Schlocht or Stephen Patsch), and learn something of them. The spot is of the best quality and non-deceptive and it is being used  for rode teaching by Olli Grau School. Once a year, there is organized here Plattning Festival, held by Robert Robson, local boss, including one Euro Cup Race. So, even CNA WR took advantage of the chance to organize Championship qualification, together with Germans and Dutchmen.


It is possible, just at spot, in your own tents, and it is accepted by local inhabitants as well. On the other hand, the order and night silence have to be kept (if possible). As far as rheumatic sportsmen are concerned, there is accommodation possibility in local boarding houses, quoted in www.plattling.de.

Water situation (stage):


It is favourable since spring till autumn. As a minimum stage, there is allowed 150 cm. On the other hand, 160 cm stage guarantees good drive.


How to get there? From Prague, you take D5 highway, direction Pilsen, then turn to E 53, and via Klatovy you continue in direction Železná Ruda. From border crossing, you drive in Germany, following road  E 53 in direction to towns of Regen and Deggendorf, where highway in Munich direction continues. Your exit will be at Plattling Ausgang, only after 5 kms of drive. Later, after 3 kms, you arrive to small square, and you turn to the left on semaphore lights. You reach the river, on your right hand you see petrol station, and on your left side one way street. You choose left diversion, and immediately behind viaduct you turn to the right, following embankment. So, you see a view to meadow and playspot at the same time.  

We wish you good entertainment a lot of sunshine!

Text: Pavel Faustus

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš


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