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Březnice castle


Březnice castle
Locality type: Castles
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Příbram district

Nerby the river: Skalice

First notice about Březnice-castle, belonging to oldest existing noble seats in Bohemia, come to the first half of 13th century. At that time, Budislav of Buzice-Parentage, let to build here wooden stronghold, the task of which there was to protect the important country way. And just these aristocrats were known as „nobles of Březnice“.

This wooden stronghold was substituted by stone castle later. Peter Zmrzlik became futher castle-owner. He was an important follower of Hussite movement and admirer of Jan Huss. He obtained the castle in a period, when King Wenceslas IV. sold it to him. However, their opposition troops burned down the castle, and Březnice remained deserted for a certain time-period. Anyway, Zmrzlik-Parentage returned back in the middle of 15th century, and let their old seat reconstructed. George of Lokšany Parentage obtained the castle one hundred years later. The building got new Renaissace face and changed into pleasant chateau.

One interesting historical fact: in the castle, there was married here in 1557, Ferdinand of Tirol, second successor of Habsburg Throne (after Maximillian) and Philippina Welser, daughter of rich financier. When Ferdinand´s father, Ferdinand I. Habsburg, took this act into consideration, he expelled his son from this successor´s line, as it was absolutely impossible for throne-successor to marry the woman of non-high-born origin. Nevertheless, from the other side, he tolerated this marriage gently. All this happened within Lokšany-Parentage time-period. Anyway, Catherine, the member of this parentage, deserved well of the fact that castle library was established here in 1558. Now, this library is the oldest preserved one in Czech Republic.

After 30-years´ War, the ownership of the then Březnice owner - Adam of Lokšany - the castle was confiscated by King Ferdinand II. and was handed over (for loyal services) to Pribik Jenišek of Ujezd. This aristocrat invited here Carlo Lurago, famous Italian architect (he cooperated with Jesuits Order). Lurago added here Virgin Mary Chapel.

When Pribik Parentage died out, the dominion was taken over by Kolowrat-Krakowsky, other relative parentage. They started with principal reconstruction of the castle in 1830. Next owneres were Pallfy of Erdod Parentage. They obtained the castle, after death of Hanus Kolowratsky (he did not left nor inheritor nor a wife). At the end of the 2nd World War, the castle was taken over by a town, and declared as a national monument in 1950.

Opening time table:

January - March: guided tour possible in a period between 9,00-16,00 after preliminary agreement with castle administration.

April-May:                    daily    9,00 – 16,00 h

June-August:               daily    9,00 – 17,00 h

September-October:    daily    9,00 – 16,00 h

November-December: guided tour possible in a period between 9,00-16,00 after preliminary agreement with castle administration

The English park is accessible free of charge.

January-April: 7,30 - 19,00 h (on Saturdays and Sundays since 8,30 h)

May-September: 7,30 - 20,00 h (on Saturdays and Sundays since 8,30 h)

October-December: 7,30 - 19,00 h (on Saturdays and Sundays since 8,30 h)

Entrance tickets:

Guided tour      Fee     Fee     Fee   Fee with surcharge              Fee with surcharge

                                                        for explanation in foreign     for explanation in foreign

                                                        language                                      language

                        basic reduced family  basic                                         reduced

                         CZK     CZK     CZK    CZK                                             CZK                            

1st circle           80,-      60,-     210,-  170,-                                            150,-

2nd circle          70,-      50,-     180,-  150,-                                            130,-

3rd circle           90,-      70,-     240,-  190,-                                            170,-

Virgin Mary

Chapel               20,-      10,-      --            50,-                                          40,-

Surcharge to basic entrance fee:

Surcharge for reservation:                          +  10%

Guided tour outside opening time-period:    + 200% 

Guided tour outside saison:                         + 400%

Photo-taking:                                                not permitted

The reductions are granted:

for children from 6 up to 15 years of age: reduced tickets

for students from 15 years of age: against presentation of students' identification card,

                                                                  ISIC or against presentation of students´ survey,

                                                                  confirmed by school.

for pensioners older than 65 years of age: against presentation of the respective documents

                                                                  (identity card, passport, etc.)

for invalides (disabled persons)-adults: against presentation of respective identity card

for families                                            : it is granted

children-up to 6 years of age and organised groups of children: CZK 5,- for one child

cumulative reductions:                              are not to be granted.

Entrance free of charge:

Chidren up to 6 years of age and non-organised groups: yes

Invalides and disabled persons-children, students: against presentation of relative documents

Employees of National Monument Institute: against presentation of relative documents

Guides of groups greater than 20 persons: yes

Journalists: after previous agreement with castle-administrator, provided it is mentioned so called „working visit“.

The exceptions of price-list are approved by chef-administrator of Březnice state castle, after presentation of written request. 

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: pruvodce.com        


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