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Along Elbe-River to Germany

Cycling of curve

Along Elbe-River to Germany
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: okres Děčín

Nerby the river: Elbe

It is a plain route leading along Elbe river, connecting Czech Republic with Germany.

Frankly speaking, it would be possible to go up to Hamburg! It depends on you which  target you choose! Anyway, we recommend you this route along the European river to make.

Route Description:


 You start from Ústí nad Labem via Děčín and Dolní Žleb. The road has a good surface You continue to the border cross-point Schona, further along left river-bank you can go up to the town of Dresden.

Most picturesque section of this international cycloroute leads throughout Elbe-Sandstones from Děčín up to Rathen in Germany.  The length of this route makes 40 kms. You will go throughout picturesque valley, where  there are arising tens of sandstone rocky formations.

Your tour can be finished at any time. On your return way you can use a railway , leading along left  river-bank. We recommend you therefore to buy  reduced  cross-border ticket.

The railway stops can be reached by means of one of many Elbe-ferries from Czech as well as German part.

Route Length:      depends on you.

Route Character:  easy  cyclist route leading beautiful  countryside along the river.

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