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Království water reservoir


Království water reservoir
Locality type: Dams
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Trutnov district

Nerby the river: Elbe

Dam Les Království

Dam Les Království (or Těšnov Dam) is one of most beautiful dams of Czech Republic. It is situated on Elbe river, in heart of  marvellous forests 50 kms distant of Hradec Králové. The reason for building of this jewel is a fact that flooding which caught  the region in 1887. The construction of Těšnov dam started in 1910, the other dam was built on upper flow of Elbe at the same time. Both could be terminated in 1914. However, this succedeed in case of second dam, Les Království had bad luck as 1st World War began. Workers from Italy, Serbia and Croatia, who worked here, had to return back home. On dam there were effected maintenance works only, and the construction was definitely terminated in 1919 only. Two years later, small water electric power station was built here.

Since 1964, Les Království dam is declared as preserved technical monument.

You reach this place - from Bílá Třemešná railway station follow tourist trail 2,5 kms long.

Pier length (made of stony freestones): 224 m

Pier height: 41,40 m

Pier width in crown: 7,20 m

Pier with in bottom: 37 m

Total reservoir volume: 9 165 000 m?


Czech republic


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