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Třeboň - Holičky

In-line Locality

Třeboň - Holičky
Locality type: In-line Locality
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Třeboň

Nerby the river: Lužnice

The way leads through a forest, and except of one moderate small hill, it is a plain-terrain, in general. The surface is formed by an asphalt of good quality, however, it is not rolled up perfect smoothness, therefor is is moderately rugged. Do not worry, it is not something terrible! However, on some places, especially in curves, there are bubbles of casting asphalt. We recommend you to avoid these places, as, especially at higher summer-temperatures, these bubbles can stop your skates and, successively, the brushing from the wheels is effected with big difficulties. At the beginning of seconf-third of the way, there is a wooden bridge over Lužnice-river. It is not possible to pass it running, you have to pass it. The traffic is minimal, the forest-worker´s car passes from time to time to their way to Stříbřec village. Anyway, in season in summer there is higher movement of cyclists.

Access: first possibility: on road from Třeboň in direction to České Velenice. From Třeboň, in 500 m distance behind Petr Vok Motel you find bus stop, nearby it is parking place. Eventually, you can enter the forest, however, parking possibilities here are limited, you can leave your car in some of forest-paths. In case you arrive with bicycle, it is possible to start you route at any place along, it is necessary to find suitable tree where our bicycle could be left. If you arrive from the opposite end – i.e. from Třeboň to Stará Hlína, so you can turn away the main road to the right to Stříbřec-village, further continue 2,5 kms ahead along bastion Vitmanov, and behind Nový Vdovec pond you find cross-roads with staring point of your route.


Czech republic


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