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Dubeč-Uhříněves path

Dubeč-Uhříněves path
Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Capital Prague

From the very beginning, this path passes on pier of Dubeč-Pond, it leads further along fenced quarry. In past, there were excavated ordovic flints here. They were established on bottom of cold sea as sandy sediments 470 millions years ago. Within mountain-creating processes, there were started stratta-movements, and so their smoothing was effected. Horizontal grooves show move direction even today. Approx. 100 millions of years ago, there was a lake here. Some conglomerates were created inside, and these stratta made upper layer of a quarry. Further ahead, in Rohožník,.there is to be found another quarry, where there were excavated big banks of quartz. Over a quarry, there are to be found pieces of quartz in fields. These pieces were polished by grains of sand, driven by wind. The quarry in Dubeč as well as in Rohožník, are protected nature monuments. The path passes around Podleský Pond (it belongs to the biggest ones in Prague). On a pier, you can admire old oaks, they could be as old as the pond itself. On banks of the pond, there have breeding place several birds, such as gulls, call-bird or moor-hen.

Route length: 5,5 kms


Czech republic


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