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Hejnice - Virgin Mary visit basilica


Hejnice - Virgin Mary visit basilica
Locality type: Relics
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Liberec district

Nerby the river: Smědá


According to local legend, there lived  in near small community of Lužec, poor handicrafts man with his ill wife and child which was also sick. Once, in 1159, the man looked for some wood in forest, and fell asleep below three linden trees on bank of Smědá-river. He dreamed about a lime flooded with shine and angels, sitting on its branches (boughs). One angel spoke to him suddenly: „You are situated on miraculous place, go home and return with a picture of God´s Mother. Everebody who passes this place would stop here“. So, the man followed this order, and shortly afterthat, his wife and child recovered miraculously.

Original church and chapel

In 1211, local people decided to turn upside down the linden trees, and small wooden chapel was constructed here. In 1252, the chapel was substituted by stone construction. Later, more and more pilgrims came here, and a chapel had to be enlarged, and finally, it was reconstructed into a church. This church was solemny consacrated by  Bishop of Meissen on 2nd September 1498. So, Friedland dominion was in ownership of Biberstein Parentage for longer time. (they got it from King Premysl Ottakar II. in 1278).

Baroque Church

In 1721, there was presented a request for building of church in Baroque style, according to plans of Thomas Haffenecker. Nevertheless, the basilica was constructed according to plans of Johann Bernhard Fischer of Erlach. The church for the capacity of 1000 pilgrims was terminated on 1st July 1725. During a rule of Mary Theresa and Joseph II. the church fell to decay. All silver things were transported to Vienna. Later, at the beginning of 20th century, the basilica was reconstructed, on costs of Count Clam-Gallas. Total amount for repairs made 200000 crowns. Within 1904-1906, the cealing was decorated by Andrew Grfoll, and since 1914, two small bells sounded here. However, they were left and melted in the course of 1st World War. However, the same destiny met the bells in 2nd World war.

In 1990, there was made other total reconstruction of the church, under big support of local priest Miloš Raban. The monastery was changed into „International Centre of Spiritual Renovation“. The spaces were consacrated again on 5th January 2001 by Archbishop Giovanni Coppa, Ambassador of Vatican.

Text: Václav Zamba, Pavla Voborníková

Photo: Google


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